Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the tour?
The perfect length. Your sightseeing adventure lasts about 70 minutes with about 25 minutes of that time on the lake. We pass by many of the important points of history and current event sites to give you an overview of the area. We leave you plenty of time to go back to the sites where you really want to spend more time.
Where do I buy tickets?
It is recommended that you buy your tickets in advance so that you get the day and time you want.  You can purchase your tickets from this website or our Duck Line at 877-887-8225. If you prefer to book when you get to town: for our Table Rock Lake Adventure visit our ticketing center on the Strip at 2320 West Highway 76.
Are there restrooms on board?
Sorry, no room. So, please go before we go. Our West Highway 76 duck central has restrooms in Splash’s Candy Emporium and Gift Shop.
Can I take food and drink on board?
Yep. Just remember the answer to the restroom question. Sorry no alcoholic beverages.
Are you accessible to the disabled?
We can accommodate guests with various disabilities. Please call our office at 877-887-8225 to make arrangements and purchase tickets.
Will I get seasick?
Probably not. We are only on the water for about 25 minutes. Our vehicle is built to be very stable on the water. Plus, the water ride is very tranquil and relaxing since our water speed tops out at 7 mph.
Will I get wet?
Probably not. We try to make our entry into the water fun, but not wet. However, there may be times when a little splash will make its way onboard.
Do you have life jackets?
Yes. Enough for a vehicle full of adults, children or a mix of both. We also have a duckload of other modern safety equipment on board.